GUVTU Board Members


Chapter President:         Robb Cramer

Chapter Vice President:  Ron Rhodes*

Chapter Treasurer:         David Eastman*

Chapter Secretary:         Eric Dexter*

Membership Secretary:   Misti Berry



Education:       Ron Kovanic and Steve Leach

Finance:           Ed Finley and Steve Leach

Conservation:  Marty Banak* and Kerry Postler-Hermann

Activities:  Ron Rhodes* and Ken Grecsek*     

Advocacy: Mason Overstreet* and Curt Peterson


Other Active Members:

Chang Memorial: Ed Finley

VT Council Rep:  Ed Finley 

VT Council Rep:  Ron Kovanic 

NH Council Rep: Open

NH Council Rep: Ken Grecsek*

Youth Coordinator: Mica McGinley-Smith

Service Partnership Coordinator: Bob Stocker

WRO: Eric Dexter*


* Denotes past President