Volunteer Opportunity - Fish Surveys



 Lael Will  – fisheries biologist – and due to the hiring freeze she does not have any seasonal staff this summer to assist with fish surveys (fish shocking) which happens in August & September. She is looking for volunteers to help out. 

If you have never done this before – it is really cool work! The task is to follow behind the person shocking the water and scooping any fish that pop to the surface into a bucket of water. The fish are then counted and measured and released back into the stream. You get to see fish up-close and see where they hang out in the stream. It’s a great way to get to know both fish and fish habitat features.


Volunteers need to be agile enough to walk up the river/stream for 300’ with a bucket and net and need to be wearing full waders and rubber gloves – so they don’t get shocked themselves. Lael will try to supply waders for those who don’t have them. Gloves are supplied. The area of coverage is all of southern VT from the Black River south and including the Battenkill basin.


Anyone interested can contact Lael directly to find out where and when surveys are planned.


Lael Will, Fisheries Biologist

[cell] 802-777-0827

[email] lael.will@vermont.gov