Open Board seats for GUVTU

We have 2 open GUVTU board seats! We are really hoping to diversify our GUVTU leadership team this coming year. One area we really would like to see expand is involvement from women in our chapter. We currently have two women on our board but one is rotating off. There are a lot of opportunities in our local and regional community for helping women get more involved in cold water conservation/education. We are really hoping we can get some new voices/experiences on the board this coming year.


The board meets 5-6 times a year, every other month (June/Sept/Nov/Jan/March). Typically it is the last Thursday in those months. We meet over dinner at the Norwich Inn. Meetings last approximately 2 hours. Each board member has a role or 2 they play. We have specific standing committees which include: (1) Conservation Committee (2) Education Committee (3) Activities Committee. Executive positions include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Membership chairs. There are some emails that go back and forth with chapter updates/projects etc. but the emails are pretty minimal (unless you’re the president, ha!).


Our 2025 season - which will kick off with a board meeting in June 2024 that assigns roles to board members - is a fund raising banquet year - a banquet committee will be formed to spearhead that exciting project.

If you might at all be interested please reach out to Robb Cramer GUVTU President