New Bill to Help Protect Vermont Watersheds Passes VT House

Act H.833, a bill that will help the state protect its surface waters passed the Vermont House of Representatives. As periods of drought increase and seasonal weather patterns grow more erratic, there are at the same time increasing demands for surface water by industrial, agricultural, and municipal users including a first time ever shifting of waterone watershed to another.


The bill was developed by an environmental coalition that includes the Vermont Council of Trout Unlimited, Greater Upper Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited, MadDog Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Connecticut River Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Connecticut River Conservancy, Vermont Natural Resources Council, and National Wildlife Federation’s Northeast Regional Center.


H.833 would establish a Surface Water Diversion and Transfer Working Group to investigate the environmental, economic, and recreational impacts of surface water diversion. This group would research current surface water diversions in the state, evaluate the need for quantifying and regulating, and if appropriate propose legislative changes to protect the state’s watersheds.

The Bill will now go before the Vermont Senate for their approval.